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Feed Additive

We are commit to provide not only the best but also unique and helpful products to our costumers. Our products coming from reputable global partners.


Our aim is to increase the animal health. Hence, we come with solutions by providing the most effective pharmaceuticals which are internationally certified and proven.


We are a reputable Indonesian Premix manufacturing company with experts in animal nutrition and experienced management. We provide the best premix quality for costumer's need.

News & Events


Fenanza Participated In Farmers Community Service In Situbondo

By our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, this time Fenanza were participated in a community service event which held by the student body of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wijaya Kusuma University, Surabaya.


Fenanza Presents Most Recent and Traceable Products

There was something different in Hall A in the 2018 Indolivestock Expo & Forum which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center (4-6 / 7). With the predominance of green and orange, the booth number AP 92 is always crowded with visitors.


Increase Vitality and Prevent Dehydration in Dairy Cattle

As a dairy farmer, we want our cattle to always in healthy condition with good appetite to provide optimal production. Therefore, we try to supplement them with drinking water to the cattle, especially after giving birth or in the long dry season.

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